Do you want to download clash of clans private server switcher for your phone? But, don’t know where to download coc private server switcher? If like so, then at last you reached the right place to get the places to download.

In order to download a clash of clans, you will get 2 different ways. A first way is you can download it from the Google play store. Thus, go to the Google play store and look for clash of clans private server switchers, and then install it which one is you needed.

Another one method is downloading clash of clans private server switcher in website that contains a list of servers.

New version of coc private server switcher :

In this year a new version of coc private server list is introduced with improved features, where you can easily look for the server and make use it. This improved version of coc private server switcher is designed with user friendly manner and also made changes in server page, home page and dashboard page.

CoC Private Switcher

In the newly designed coc private server switcher, you can able to manage and view the web page easily in your device. And, it has search option in the top of the home page, where you will search servers very quickly and install it.

Apart from that, it also includes a lot of features along with the old features.

From these 2 methods, you can make use anyone to download and install coc private server switcher in your android or iOS device. But, you need to have rooted device for android and jailbreak in the iOS device.

Prior to start downloading coc private server, check for rooted device and if not, then make is as rooted one. But, this is not in the case for iOS device. Yes, new version of servers allows you to use without jail breaking.

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