Tales of Symphonia is possibly one of the most amazing Rpg’s.
(Spoiler alert) The main characters name is Lloyd…raised by a dwarf named dirk. Pretty much one day at School Lloyd,Genis(Lloyd’s best Friend),Collete(The Chosen),And their teacher Raine…amazingly a blinding flash came from the Martel temple.

A sign of the prophecy.

With that happening Raine tells all the students to stay at the school and leaves.

Thats when Lloyd’s curiosity kicks in and sends Himself,and Genis on an adventure…even though Collete is already destined for adventure.

As they go along the journey they meet Kratos(Colletes Protecter),Sheena(the assasin),Zelos(the Chosen of Tethe’alla)

Presea,And Regal.

The battle system in Tales of Symphonia is deffinitely uniqe and will amaze you time and time again.
It is Fast paced and extremely fun…it can be played with up to 4 people. There are Flaws in the battle system that makes it hard to get to the exact position you want. But other than that its a great game to play over and over again if you dont have anything better to do.
There are plenty of Combos…most of your battles revolve around you doing a 2-4 hit combo followed by a skill or two…with four of your teammates attacking the same enemy well…mince meat.
Obviously there are many many side quests and events…including getting everyones costumes…my favorite…
Once you get to about lvl.90 in a year or two XP there will be no hard matches anymore…
And thats where trying to 100% the game can be a challenge.
The game is deffinitely its own art… they will send you into a trance if you become too Amazed.
As for the different sounds and music in the game you will be occupied with some new tune with every new area… You Probably wont remember the boss music like on Final Fantasy but its still great.
One of the worst things about the game…too many Fights!!!! trust me you will be pro by the end.

Theres no need to rush either as the game has much replayability and can be up to 90 hours the first time around…And you will also be happy to know there are lots of different endinds a new game for the Wii already…lucky you:)

Personally I love This game and am still playing it in 2010 so yeah:)

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