The Nokia X6 is a mid-range Nokia smartphone. One of its greatest advantages is that it offers a full range of smartphone options in a package that is small, reliable, and very affordable. If you have a cell phone contract, then you can almost certainly get a smartphone with a larger screen and more elegant and versatile software. However, if you are using prepaid cellular with a company that uses GSM phones (AT T; amp; T-Mobile in the US), then the Nokia X6 is an excellent choice.

Widely available for around $300, the Nokia X6 has a bright 3.2 inch capacitive touchscreen that makes for easy dialing, texting, and navigation. The excellent GPS locks on in less than a minute without a data connection, and the free OVI maps provide easy navigation. The 5 MP autofocus camera is also wonderful and features a bright 2 LED “flash”, which is clearly inferior to a actual xenon flash, but works well for anything but the most low-light conditions. Also, the included 16GB of memory means that you don’t need to spend extra money on a microSD card.

As is typical of most Nokia products, it’s also an excellent phone. The call quality is superb, the battery life is at least 3 days with moderate to heavy usage, and often as long as 5-6 days with low usage. The contacts bar across the top is another wonderful feature that allows access to everyone you talk or text regularly. However, if you want a full-function smartphone, you may want to look elsewhere. The included web-browser is clunky, and while the free Opera Mobile browser is far superior, the phone’s 433.9 Mhz processor and 128 MB RAM, render it quite slow for all on-line usage. In addition, while large by previous standards, the 3.2 inch screen is honestly too small for all but the most limited web browsing.

Although it is billed as a music phone, the music player is unexceptional. It works well enough and the sound quality of the included headphones is wonderful, but the music player software is less elegant and intuitive than similar Android or iOS software. If your alternative is Windows Mobile 6.5 or earlier, then the OS and the software that goes with it will be a great improvement, but the phone’s Symbian software is noticeably inferior to current Android or iOS software on almost all counts.

If you want a phone that excels at calls amp; texting, that has an excellent camera, a wonderful GPS, a moderate music player, plus the ability to play games and run various simple apps, then the Nokia X6 is a wonderful and inexpensive choice, especially for people without cellphone contracts. However, if you want a phone that can also do extensive web browsing or has other web-focused features found on high-end smartphones, then you are far better off with an Android phone or an iPhone.

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