On June 21, 2012, Supercell developed a farming game named Hay Day for IOS platforms. Here every player has to take care of a farm which responsibility is handed over to them by their on-game uncle. There are plenty of jobs to do on that farm which will help the players to get more experience points or XP. Experience points or XP will help the players to level up in the game. There are some basic rules of the game at. First, there will be a scarecrow to teach the player harvesting wheat. With earning more experience points, players can unlock different corps and products to decorate the farm. In this game to make the farm look great and making it loaded with a variety of pet animals is important.

Experience points will help to buy the players new pets, and it will also help to make a new production building for the farm where players can store whatever is produced on the farm. Later in the game, a character named Angus will be introduced, and he will help the players to learn fishing. After some level up proceeding made by the players they can communicate with neighborhood’s player and they can also assist the neighborhood’s player if they need. Players can expand the farm if needed. Players earning more XPs will help them for feeding the pets of the farm.

Hay Day: features of hacking

Hay day hack app is a helpful technique by using this technique player can speed up the process of decorating the farm more efficiently and beautifully than ever. There are two important resources of this game which will help the players to boost up the entire process of decoration. Those resources are diamonds and coins. These resources are proven to be helpful in this game. Let’s have a quick glance at the fact that how this resources will help to make the decoration process speedier.

Diamonds will help;

To speed up the process of every given task on every new level of the game

To customise the farm more easily

Coins will help;

To buy products for customizing the building of the farm

To buy or sell corps for the farm

Unlock the lake or cultivate any aquatic living items like ducks, fishes or lobsters

To communicate with the neighbourhood’s players

Getting some coins or some diamonds is tougher than you’re thinking. It will take hours of playing to gather even a handful of coins or diamonds, so hacking tools are the shortest way to come nearer to achieve unlimited resources. Since the game launched on IOS platform and one year later on Android (November 20, 2013) there are many hacking tools and links available for this game. These tools provide premium and bonuses for the players using those players can easily gather the currency( coins and diamonds) as per the requirements and players don’t even have to invest the real world’s currency to spend on this game. The good thing about these cheats and hacks is you can share this with any of your gaming companions or friends as per your convenience.

What is there behind the success of Hay Day?

In a report 2013, Supercell claimed that Hay Day is then the 4th highest grossing up mobile game. Supercell elaborated some logic that worked for Hay Day and helped this game to earn this popularity. Makers of this game tried to keep some simple logic in mind from the very beginning. What they did they excluded any tutorials or missions from Hay Day. In this game, players won’t be punished for playing it in the wrong way which made this game easy and logical. These are some reasons which certainly worked in the way to make Hay Day popular.

So enjoy farming and most importantly enjoy playing Hay Day.

Vital Aspects Regarding Clash Royale Hack

Supercell is the most leading gaming studio that is developing new games every year. Clash Royale is the popular one as it is rated as the best game on Google Play store and Apple App Store. It is a free to play the game which offers the in-app purchases to users in need. The need of purchasing is to avail required coin that is the main currency. On the other hand, most of the people find this useless to spend money that’s why Clash Royale hack become the trend. This is a tool which is helpful in getting coins with ease. This is really easy to use and if you use this tool as well as play with some essential tips then no one can stop you from winning. Make sure you don’t waste time in earning coins or spend money on it.

The Method Of Using Clash Royale Hack

If you are willing to use a tool then there are many things which you need to consider before getting started. Clash royale hack is safe to use but there are many precautions things which are need to be considered. The first precaution is that don’t play the game while using the tool. Use proxy option provided by the tool as it encrypts the data communication between your device and the website.  Now, you can use this tool and in order to get started, visit the official website of the tool.

  • Fill username you have created while signing up on Clash Royale.
  • Select from multiple choice that which platform you are using.
  • The informative part is completed and now, you have to tap connect. This thing may take a couple of minutes but the process is complete but if you find any issue then you need to recheck username and platform. If you don’t know your username then open Clash Royale and check it out again. As the account connect:
  • Choose the number of coins required and if you don’t know how much is enough then attain maximum possible.
  • The same process is for gems but make sure the number of gems which can be availed in real. You are able to get 14K of gems through in-app purchases but learning how to get gems in clash royale is the best thing that you could do.

The last thing you have to do is to click on generate button and everything will be provided to you. Before exiting the process, open Clash Royale and check everything out. Now, the only thing which you have to do is to play this game. Avail maximum number of cards including rare and epic one. Learn some of the combo attack so that you can destroy crown tower with ease. The combination of both cards; poor and rich will be best combo. Practice it with your alliance mates and always try to focus on crown towers. The archer tower may be an issue but you can use your poor cards to distract them.

Tales of Symphonia is possibly one of the most amazing Rpg’s.
(Spoiler alert) The main characters name is Lloyd…raised by a dwarf named dirk. Pretty much one day at School Lloyd,Genis(Lloyd’s best Friend),Collete(The Chosen),And their teacher Raine…amazingly a blinding flash came from the Martel temple.

A sign of the prophecy.

With that happening Raine tells all the students to stay at the school and leaves.

Thats when Lloyd’s curiosity kicks in and sends Himself,and Genis on an adventure…even though Collete is already destined for adventure.

As they go along the journey they meet Kratos(Colletes Protecter),Sheena(the assasin),Zelos(the Chosen of Tethe’alla)

Presea,And Regal.

The battle system in Tales of Symphonia is deffinitely uniqe and will amaze you time and time again.
It is Fast paced and extremely fun…it can be played with up to 4 people. There are Flaws in the battle system that makes it hard to get to the exact position you want. But other than that its a great game to play over and over again if you dont have anything better to do.
There are plenty of Combos…most of your battles revolve around you doing a 2-4 hit combo followed by a skill or two…with four of your teammates attacking the same enemy well…mince meat.
Obviously there are many many side quests and events…including getting everyones costumes…my favorite…
Once you get to about lvl.90 in a year or two XP there will be no hard matches anymore…
And thats where trying to 100% the game can be a challenge.
The game is deffinitely its own art… they will send you into a trance if you become too Amazed.
As for the different sounds and music in the game you will be occupied with some new tune with every new area… You Probably wont remember the boss music like on Final Fantasy but its still great.
One of the worst things about the game…too many Fights!!!! trust me you will be pro by the end.

Theres no need to rush either as the game has much replayability and can be up to 90 hours the first time around…And you will also be happy to know there are lots of different endinds a new game for the Wii already…lucky you:)

Personally I love This game and am still playing it in 2010 so yeah:)

We all want to save money, especially in these rough economic times. But we also want our video games! You don’t need the latest, newest $60 video games to have fun though. Chances are you haven’t purchased every hot new game that has come out in the past. Maybe you’ve wanted it but the news of brand new games and the hype that comes along with them have probably led you to forget about them. Over the years great games have come by and over time their prices have dropped. You don’t need the newest, hottest games to have fun or be entertained. For the same price as a new game it’s possible to get 3-4 games that are just as great. Not only this but as a consumer you know that overtime the $60 game you bought, in a few months won’t be $60. So why not wait for its inevitable drop and in the mean time spend those 60 bucks on games that will give you a better bang for their buck. You can even save more cash by buying a used, guarenteed to work game from Gamestop. If your a devoted gamer and your able to beat that used game in a week, you can return the game and get a new one! The 15 games aren’t listed in any type of order so it’s up to you to decide which ones you want.
1. Half-Life 2 The Orange Box- $20 New , $18 used.
A compilation of five great games from valve into one small box. Enough Said.

2. Viva Pinata-$15 used.
Unique gardening experience filled with humor and fun for everyone. An insanely addicting and fun game where you try to kind of grow your own farm and garden attracting rare animals like doenuts.

3. Rainbow Six Vegas 2-$20 New, $18 Used.
Intense Shooter with a great Multiplayer experience and a good story. I haven’t play this myself but I’ve heard a lot about it and it sounds pretty good.

4. Saints Row 2-$20 New, $18 used.
A hilarious game where you can customize nearly everything about your character including voice face coloring etc mixed with some intense shooting action.

5. Grand Theft Auto IV- $30 new, $13 used.
One of the greatest sandbox games of all time where you can literally do anything for pool, to poker to watching television ads. The story line is great and the gameplay is almost flawless.

6. Mass Effect- $10 Used.
A great game with a high replay value. Choose many types of starting classes and experience a unique story and dialogue depending on your actions, choices and things you say.

7. Halo 3-$20 Used, $30 New.
One of the greatest games of 2008 with an extremely fun four player online co-op campaign as well as a great Multiplayer system with rankings. Customizations of maps also make this game a blast.

8. Gears of War 2-$20 Used, $30 New.
An intense shooter with a great story. One of the best things about this game is a Multiplayer mode called the horde in which you and your friends/teammates try to survive against waves of aliens for as long as possible. Insanely fun and addicting.

9. Fable 2-$20 New, $18 Used.
One of the best RPG’s of 2009 in which nearly everything you do affects your appearance and gameplay. Choose to be evil and your body will take revolutionary changes to make you look like a demon. Be Good and the citizens will cheer as you walk by. Your decisions really affect this game and there are just so many ways of playing it that you’ll want to beat it more then once.

10. Fallout 3- New $30, Used $20.
One of the most highly acclaimed games of 2009. Explore the wastelands after nuclear war and choose a play style ranging from stealth where you set off mines leading enemies into traps or talking your way out of nasty situations. Your choices truly effect your gameplay and the environment around you with decisions you make such as the destruction of an entire town. The story is also great in fallout 3 and will keep you captivated for hours.

11. Dead Rising- $20 New, $18 Used.

12. Crackdown-$13 Used.

13. Bioshock-$15 Used, $20 New.

14. Assasin’s Creed-$20 Used.

15.Ninja Gaiden II-$18 Used.

Hope you enjoy this list and Happy gaming!

Hype is commonplace in the gaming industry and usually comes around when the release of a game has been mentioned. However, as any long-time or even relatively new gamer will tell you, it release dates are not to be trusted under any circumstances. Only the most massive of titles are capable of making that wondrously preordained date of release, while for every other title it is merely an assumption of things to come. Delays, push backs and everything else under the sun is common in the industry and all stems from game development. For those looking forward to the next big release, here’s a few things you should consider.
Most release dates are based on contracts that are signed in advance. Developers that are not in-house work off of a contractural agreement that puts certain milestones in place and the assumption is that the developer is capable of moving along a certain timeline, which allows the publisher to advertise for the game. Many advertisement campaigns have been centralized around a game’s release date, such as Mortal Kombat. If a developer fails to meet the deadline everything is thrown into a rutt. Understanding that a release date is sometimes based on business rather than development schedule ups and downs is key to avoiding disappointment with a particular title that you’ve been waiting for. Don’t mark your calendar in permanent marker just yet.

That niche game you’ve been waiting for can be canceled in preference for a more assuring title. It has happened before and the odds are it will end up happening again in our gaming lifetimes. The best thing to do is not get too attached to a title that isn’t as widely anticipated as say a God of War or Halo sequel. Members of a development team can be plucked from one title and put on another in order to speed up the development process as well, which usually ends up hurting smaller title that don’t have much credibility to back them. The bottom line is that the gaming industry is a business and unless that business sees a reason to take a change on a smaller title, it won’t.

Competition has a habit of influencing release dates. Even though most publishers probably won’t admit it, a small RPG probably doesn’t want to come out on the exact same day the latest Final Fantasy is released. The same goes for nearly every other genre in gaming, the bigger releases of established series can sometimes deter small publishers from releasing their title. The same is seen in the music industry, in which the release of a particular musician’s CD pushes back the release of several others. In an industry where the product is usually three or four times the cost of a CD, it is even more likely to be an influence.

Release dates are not definite. No matter who says, no matter what the title, always be prepared for the game to be released at a later or earlier date. It’s just how the business works. With games becoming more and more time consuming to create, it’s only a matter of time before big releases begin to feel the pressure having to be finished on time at the level that smaller developers feel. Crunch time will always rear its ugly head and influence the release of a game.