On June 21, 2012, Supercell developed a farming game named Hay Day for IOS platforms. Here every player has to take care of a farm which responsibility is handed over to them by their on-game uncle. There are plenty of jobs to do on that farm which will help the players to get more experience points or XP. Experience points or XP will help the players to level up in the game. There are some basic rules of the game at. First, there will be a scarecrow to teach the player harvesting wheat. With earning more experience points, players can unlock different corps and products to decorate the farm. In this game to make the farm look great and making it loaded with a variety of pet animals is important.

Experience points will help to buy the players new pets, and it will also help to make a new production building for the farm where players can store whatever is produced on the farm. Later in the game, a character named Angus will be introduced, and he will help the players to learn fishing. After some level up proceeding made by the players they can communicate with neighborhood’s player and they can also assist the neighborhood’s player if they need. Players can expand the farm if needed. Players earning more XPs will help them for feeding the pets of the farm.

Hay Day: features of hacking

Hay day hack app is a helpful technique by using this technique player can speed up the process of decorating the farm more efficiently and beautifully than ever. There are two important resources of this game which will help the players to boost up the entire process of decoration. Those resources are diamonds and coins. These resources are proven to be helpful in this game. Let’s have a quick glance at the fact that how this resources will help to make the decoration process speedier.

Diamonds will help;

To speed up the process of every given task on every new level of the game

To customise the farm more easily

Coins will help;

To buy products for customizing the building of the farm

To buy or sell corps for the farm

Unlock the lake or cultivate any aquatic living items like ducks, fishes or lobsters

To communicate with the neighbourhood’s players

Getting some coins or some diamonds is tougher than you’re thinking. It will take hours of playing to gather even a handful of coins or diamonds, so hacking tools are the shortest way to come nearer to achieve unlimited resources. Since the game launched on IOS platform and one year later on Android (November 20, 2013) there are many hacking tools and links available for this game. These tools provide premium and bonuses for the players using those players can easily gather the currency( coins and diamonds) as per the requirements and players don’t even have to invest the real world’s currency to spend on this game. The good thing about these cheats and hacks is you can share this with any of your gaming companions or friends as per your convenience.

What is there behind the success of Hay Day?

In a report 2013, Supercell claimed that Hay Day is then the 4th highest grossing up mobile game. Supercell elaborated some logic that worked for Hay Day and helped this game to earn this popularity. Makers of this game tried to keep some simple logic in mind from the very beginning. What they did they excluded any tutorials or missions from Hay Day. In this game, players won’t be punished for playing it in the wrong way which made this game easy and logical. These are some reasons which certainly worked in the way to make Hay Day popular.

So enjoy farming and most importantly enjoy playing Hay Day.

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