We all want to save money, especially in these rough economic times. But we also want our video games! You don’t need the latest, newest $60 video games to have fun though. Chances are you haven’t purchased every hot new game that has come out in the past. Maybe you’ve wanted it but the news of brand new games and the hype that comes along with them have probably led you to forget about them. Over the years great games have come by and over time their prices have dropped. You don’t need the newest, hottest games to have fun or be entertained. For the same price as a new game it’s possible to get 3-4 games that are just as great. Not only this but as a consumer you know that overtime the $60 game you bought, in a few months won’t be $60. So why not wait for its inevitable drop and in the mean time spend those 60 bucks on games that will give you a better bang for their buck. You can even save more cash by buying a used, guarenteed to work game from Gamestop. If your a devoted gamer and your able to beat that used game in a week, you can return the game and get a new one! The 15 games aren’t listed in any type of order so it’s up to you to decide which ones you want.
1. Half-Life 2 The Orange Box- $20 New , $18 used.
A compilation of five great games from valve into one small box. Enough Said.

2. Viva Pinata-$15 used.
Unique gardening experience filled with humor and fun for everyone. An insanely addicting and fun game where you try to kind of grow your own farm and garden attracting rare animals like doenuts.

3. Rainbow Six Vegas 2-$20 New, $18 Used.
Intense Shooter with a great Multiplayer experience and a good story. I haven’t play this myself but I’ve heard a lot about it and it sounds pretty good.

4. Saints Row 2-$20 New, $18 used.
A hilarious game where you can customize nearly everything about your character including voice face coloring etc mixed with some intense shooting action.

5. Grand Theft Auto IV- $30 new, $13 used.
One of the greatest sandbox games of all time where you can literally do anything for pool, to poker to watching television ads. The story line is great and the gameplay is almost flawless.

6. Mass Effect- $10 Used.
A great game with a high replay value. Choose many types of starting classes and experience a unique story and dialogue depending on your actions, choices and things you say.

7. Halo 3-$20 Used, $30 New.
One of the greatest games of 2008 with an extremely fun four player online co-op campaign as well as a great Multiplayer system with rankings. Customizations of maps also make this game a blast.

8. Gears of War 2-$20 Used, $30 New.
An intense shooter with a great story. One of the best things about this game is a Multiplayer mode called the horde in which you and your friends/teammates try to survive against waves of aliens for as long as possible. Insanely fun and addicting.

9. Fable 2-$20 New, $18 Used.
One of the best RPG’s of 2009 in which nearly everything you do affects your appearance and gameplay. Choose to be evil and your body will take revolutionary changes to make you look like a demon. Be Good and the citizens will cheer as you walk by. Your decisions really affect this game and there are just so many ways of playing it that you’ll want to beat it more then once.

10. Fallout 3- New $30, Used $20.
One of the most highly acclaimed games of 2009. Explore the wastelands after nuclear war and choose a play style ranging from stealth where you set off mines leading enemies into traps or talking your way out of nasty situations. Your choices truly effect your gameplay and the environment around you with decisions you make such as the destruction of an entire town. The story is also great in fallout 3 and will keep you captivated for hours.

11. Dead Rising- $20 New, $18 Used.

12. Crackdown-$13 Used.

13. Bioshock-$15 Used, $20 New.

14. Assasin’s Creed-$20 Used.

15.Ninja Gaiden II-$18 Used.

Hope you enjoy this list and Happy gaming!

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